Laws of Karma by Lord Shiva

The theory of Karma is the application of the law of cause and effect to moral experience. The law of karma means that all actions good or bad, produce their consequences in the life of the individual who acts, provided they are performed with a desire to the fruits thereof.

Shiva is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is the Supreme Being within Shaivism, one of the major traditions within contemporary Hinduism.

Lord Shiva which is a ‘Hindi’ term has originated from a beautiful concept of E + Shav = Shiva (Shav = Dead, and E = Energy). It means when energy flows into the dead body; it starts to live, hence called as Shiva. Which only denotes, we’re all born Shivas.

Everything which you’ll read in this story is an excerpt from a beautiful mythological book, ‘Dev Se Mahadev’ by author Aakash Kailash Vijayvargiya. 

1. Truth

The first law of Shiva karma is Truth. According to this, one should remain truthful in all situations of life. Lies can help you temporarily but it is the truth that will finally unveil itself. We should stay truthful to others and most importantly, ourselves. This is how you can attain true peace.

2. Knowledge is God

One cannot possess the knowledge of everything, but everyone may possess the knowledge of something. We should find that seed of knowledge within us, and then do all our karma around it.

3. Everything is an illusion

If your happiness is related to materialistic things then your happiness is an illusion too. The third law of Shiva karma is that everything is an illusion. Your happiness should find its way out of materials and things.The  Happiness is within you, not in the things that you possess. Be grateful for all that you have in life, and be humble too. Just don’t be all about the things that you have and possess.

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4. Look beyond yourself

The world we’re living in is more and more self-obsessed. Everyone is worried about their happiness and doesn’t care if people around them are happy or not. However, the real happiness is beyond limits, and it could be felt only when we have found the seed of knowledge within us, and we’re truthful with others and ourselves. Remember, happiness comes from within, not outside.

5. Be formless

Don’t be caught up in a box. Allow your soul to feel whatever it wants to. Just don’t lose your calm when you go through a tough situation. Instead, grow through it. Take water as your inspiration. Blend in with life as it comes.

6. Use all your senses

When our mind is at peace with heart, and we walk on the path of self-realisation, all our senses come together to work in proper synchronisation. When you achieve this state in your physical form, the feeling you get is incomparable.

7. Awaken yourself

Enlightenment is when a person grows out of his self-imposed immaturity. He defines immaturity as one’s inability to use his own understanding without the guidance of another. Enlightenment is the final state, and it can be achieved in this life only, without sacrificing the domestic life.

Image credits: ManasMishra31/Wikimedia


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