8 Signs Showing You Were Born To Be A Shaman

Shaman stands for medicine men or women who use their connection with nature and the spirit world in order to heal and awaken others. In order to connect with the elemental nature, shamans practice divination and enter into a state of trance which helps them gain knowledge about their spiritual existence.

In most of the religions the main problem is finding answers,but  the Shaman is more interested in provoking you to ask the right questions that will lead you to experience truth. The Shaman doesn’t pursue meaning: he or she creates it by bringing the sacred to an otherwise mundane reality.

As we all begin to migrate into this new paradigm, a majority of people have suddenly been feeling an awakening within themselves.

8 Signs Showing You Were Born To Be a Shaman:

 1. You are an Introvert

Shamans sway into the realm of the seen and unseen world. They are multi-dimensional beings. This may make you withdraw into yourself, in which way you can visit the realms of consciousness, the place you call home.

2. You have spiritual powers 

Shamans can sense things others can’t. But that’s not their only power.  They possess psychic power, healing powers, healing people through your touch, or telepathic communication.

3. You are a Lone Wolf

You feel different than others. You don’t feel the need to interact with others to feel good. You find peace only when you are on a quite place.

4. You can hear the calling of your Shaman roots

Don’t be amazed if another Shaman enters in your life just to remind you of your gifts and the path you are destined to take.

5. You have vivid dreams where the unseen realm communicates with you

Try to analyse your dreams, because the unseen realm may be communicating with you through them.

6.  You are visited by spirit animals

Shaman’s have a very special connection with the world of nature and animals. They often use them as guides or messengers.  It is also a known fact that animals are a lot more accepting and less complicated than human beings.

7. You’re a part of the global shift of consciousness

The  change is within you. And you can feel it. As a shaman, you not only feel this shift, you feel pulled to facilitate the transformation of the human consciousness as well as the evolution of the species.

8. You are connected to Nature

You’re the bridge between the humans and nature. You feel like you can communicate with your surroundings. You understand how nature nurtures us, and how we nurture it in a mutually dependent relationship.

Do you feel your inner shaman is being called to awaken?


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