signs of Concealed Depression

As we know, life is all about ups and downs. More and more walk through life trying to hide their depression. Some of them can hide it like a pro, having their “happy face” always on.

In America today, about 19 million people suffer from depression. How come? It is because most of the people who struggle with it, are trying to hide it. Their struggle is so invincible that even their relatives, their family are not able to see it. This is known as concealed depression.


What’s even worse is the fact that most people who have depression don’t even know it. This is mostly found in the happiest looking people in the world.

“All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are.” – Robin Williams

5 Crucial Signs Someone Has A Concealed Depression:

1. They withdraw

We all have those days when we all feel a little bit more introverted than usual. But people with concealed depression can lose the sense they used to get from their favorite activities, or from communicating with others. Their isolation can make it harder for friends and loved ones to see the other symptoms of depression.

2. Having abnormal sleeping and eating habits

Even a change in your dietary habits can often be a sign of depression. A sudden weight loss or gain are some of the signs of this condition. Insomnia is often considered to be a symptom of depression, but so is excessive sleeping too. They look at sleeping as a temporary escape from those feelings.

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3. Having trust issues

Well, trust is a huge issue for people suffering from depression. They fear the world around them. The see the world as a hostile place. However, they are not aware of this, they do not embrace these states and live through them. This makes them unable to trust anything, not even themselves.

4. Making efforts to look happy

We all know someone who is always trying to look happy. It is a mask that we all wear it from time to time. The longer you spend time with someone, the mask will become thinner. That’s the reason why people with concealed depression do not want to spend some extra time with others than they absolutely have to.

5. Seek for love and acceptance

People with hidden depression want to be loved and accepted just like everyone else. They are not hiding their depression because they want to be dishonest, they are just working to protect their hearts.

Fighting concealed depression is not easy or productive. In case if you or someone you love suffer from this condition, get some help or at least offer a helpful hand. Tell them that they are not burden to others. There are people who love and care for them, who would love to help them, and they should let them.


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